Australian Uni Believes Men Should Be Less Vocal

Australian Uni Believes Men Should Be Less Vocal

Students at the University of Melbourne have been taught via workshops on “male privilege.” These classes were a result of complaints by other students, who claimed they were being talked over in class…and that loud males had made them second guess their opinions. Oh dear lord, where did we go wrong.

The workshop titled “How privilege manifests in tutorials” includes recommendations to male students to talk more like women, by curbing their over – confidence and dominating behaviour, as shown in the report from the sessions.

“But men should learn how to speak like women (and) not speak with absolute confidence when they are in fact not sure or expressing an opinion.”



The report goes on to state that the workshop included the promotion of male second guessing, “Questioning yourself, when you want to speak in a tutorial, as to why you want to speak. Is it to self – aggrandise or to learn and contribute.” This is a direct attack on freedom of expression, what happened to universities that promoted diversity of opinion, that encouraged the questioning of ideas and values. Why are universities all over the world becoming a hot pot for PC snowflakes?

Dr d’Abrera renowned author at The Spectator mad an appearance on the Bolt Report the other night saying, “By asking men to tone down ‘Australian banter’ and to ‘speak like women’, the (student union) is simultaneously discriminating against men and patronising women…The workshops are a direct assault on masculinity and are designed to make men feel ashamed of being men.” She’s not wrong, this is a direct attack on masculinity, but beyond masculinity it’s a direct attack on freedom, and a promotion of censorship.

Critics are worried that such workshops would add to the growing epidemic of the snowflake generation and rightly so. These sensitive brats have basically dominated the college scene in in the US, with places such as Berkley shutting down conservative personality Milo Yiannopolis’ seminar simply because some students found him offensive.


Scenes at Berkley College, as left – wing loonies protest Milo’s appearance


In alignment with this A new study, published in The Econ Journal Watch last month looked at faculty voter registration at 40 leading universities in the USA, and came to the conclusion that left – wing professors, outnumbered conservative professors…12:1. Imagine a study that looked into Australian universities? I guarantee you we are not far off (if not worse), and that for many reasons is a very dangerous prospect.

The group responsible for the workshop were the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU), take a good hard look at yourselves guys, think about the damage these sort of social justice activities will do in the long run. I refuse to believe anyone in their right mind would agree with this workshop.

One can’t stop but look into this a bit deeper…why would a group be so against confidence and diversity of opinion, challenging questions and rebellion. I’ll tell you why, it’s quite simple, a generation raised to stay quiet, is every authoritarians’ dream, and as Australia slowly moves with the rest of the world towards a socialist dictatorship…workshops such as these will prove to be quite useful.




So how do we stop this? We spread the word…social media leaders and few in the mainstream media have rushed to voice their concerns over this workshop. Independent media channels such as this one and many more will continue to highlight such misdemeanours till the day they shut us down !


The Loud Libertarian







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