Australia is Moving Towards A Socialist Dictatorship

Australia is Moving Towards A Socialist Dictatorship

Progressive politics has in part seen the renewal of the socialist movement all around the world…a dangerous movement with incontrovertible ties to communism. Anti – freedom, anti – personal liberty, anti – private property, anti – religion a truly Marxist world that every libertarian is obliged to fight against!

We are constantly told we should stay centered when it comes to politics, a position termed as democracy. But what we come to realize as time progresses, is that the establishment see to it that a Fabian socialism (creeping socialism) occurs instead.

It seems that no matter who we vote in, Labour or Liberal we head leftward eventually, centrist Malcolm Turnbull is no exception to this, neither are big government, large spending politicians before him. Bill Shorten is another story all together, there is no denying the party he leads has had constant connections to societies such as the Australian Fabians and The Socialist Forum.

Symbol of the Fabian Society 

Julia Gillard was elected into office (how did that happen again?) and she was a self – confessed member of a pro communist society, quoted in an ABC interview saying, “I was a full time university student, and had a part time job for an organisation called the Socialist Forum…it ultimately amalgamated with the Fabian Society.” Australian Fabians (a group hell bent on the advancement of socialism) still have a very heavy hand in Labour Party politics, with many politicians being members to this day…this is worrying and I’ll tell you why.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 5.06.27 PM.png
Screenshot from the web – archived, notice point number 4…

Socialism is a stepping stone to communism, this is a known fact and any Marxist would whole – heartedly agree. For it was Karl Marx himself who in the Communist Manifesto wrote that to successfully reach communism a Social Dictatorship would have to be established (only done so by the abolishment of private property, dissolution of the family unit, and destruction of the “opiate of the people”).

The Manifesto goes on to state, that once the dictatorship had been accomplished and after some length of time…state socialism would give way to communism.


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 5.24.56 PM
Excerpt from the Communist Manifesto explaining social dictatorship…

I think it’s also important to note that when studying the origins of the Manifesto, one comes to realise that it was imply a rehash of the works of Adam Weishaupt, who famously headed the Order of Illuminati in Bavaria, and that Karl Marx himself was sponsored to write it by the League of Just Men (an extension of the Bavarian Illuminati). How could anyone in their right mind support such an idea, as we approach democratic socialism, all power is being centralized at the apex of the executive branch of federal government. This makes totalitarian society inevitable as time goes on. As English philosopher Thomas Hobbes said, “Freedom is government divided into small fragments.”

This movement towards a socialist dictatorship is however being opposed, with new parties like the Australian Conservatives and existing ones like The Liberal Democrats ensuring the voices of freedom loving Aussies are heard. It is parties like these that will encounter mainstream media hardship, snowflake insults, and exaggerated labelling as the left – wing and cultural elite try to shoot down any attempts of opposition. These parties are the push – back Australia needs.

We dare not make the mistake of allowing the ALP back into power, their ideology of a big brother society, moves towards the federal government as a centralised power house, influences on education, freedom of speech, diversity of opinion, and individual liberties. This is not what we Aussies want and absolutely not what we need right now. It’s a new world out there, and one that is waking up to this creeping socialist state. Next time you see a federal grant just remember, it is hardly lack of due process for the government to regulate that of which it subsidizes.

When you go to the polling booths next I only you ask you do one thing…think about the world you want your children to live in.


The Loud Libertarian

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